Mod Flowers Wall Decor DIY

Mod Flowers Wall Decor DIY

Have you ever wanted wall decor in your home but were unsure of what you wanted because you couldn’t make a decision so the wall sits there, bare, for years? I know it happens to the majority of us and for me and my husband it took 3 years to finally hang up this beautiful Mod Flowers Wall Decor in our living room but it was worth it! Check out how we saved over $135 to replicate the same design from Pier 1 for only $11!!

The Story Behind Our Bare Walls!

My husband and I got married in June of 2017 and I thought we would have all our wedding photos hanging up as soon as we got them. Well … we have been married for over 2 years, have had a maternity photoshoot for our son, his newborn photoshoot, first birthday shoot, family shoot and will soon be having our second maternity shoot and I’m very behind on updating the photos in our home – oops! Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

We had the vision to hang up a beautiful image from our wedding over our couch in our living room. We wanted mostly a landscape image with us in the photo and have it split into 3 canvas’ but be of one image – it’s called a ‘triptych canvas print’. Check it out if you’ve never heard of it!

Well, that never happened because we couldn’t decide on an image we wanted. Next came our maternity session and we thought maybe we would be able to pick an image … nope, still no image. We then had a family session in the Fall of 2019 and although there were 2 images we were contemplating on using, we never did – sigh!

A few weeks ago I came across a mod flower wall decor from Pier 1 and showed my husband not expecting him to actually like it – and he did. I asked him if he thought we could make it ourselves to save money and he said yes, definitely. Yay! We finally decided on what to hang up on our wall.

Site note: We enjoy DIY projects and have quite a few things around our home that we have put together – I’ll continue to share more soon!

Mod Flowers Wall Decor DIY

Now came the time to actually make the wall decor! We strategized on what size we would need for the decor since the one from Pier 1 was 47.25″ width x 23.5″ height and that was too small for our wall. Our wall is roughly 17 ft in length and 8 ft in height so we ended up making the wall decor 55″ width x 29″ height.

The wall decor from Pier 1 is selling for $149 and the wood purchased for this project was $11. The remaining supplies we had either from when we fixed up our house back in 2014/2015 or just supplies we have on hand. I’d say we scored big and that is a HUGE money saver!!!

Since the wall decor we put together was slightly bigger than the one from Pier 1, we did have to tweak the design a bit to add an extra flower but it worked out great.

Below is the image of the mod flower wall decor from Pier 1 (top) vs our final version (bottom).

Pier 1 Mod Flowers Wall Decor
Pier 1 Mod Flowers Wall Decor
Mod Flowers Wall Decor Project DIY
Our Mod Flowers Wall Decor

Interested in creating the same mod flowers wall decor? Below you will find all the supplies needed and the step by step instructions with photos on how we created this beautiful wall decor!


  • 1/4″ Plywood Project Panel (we purchased it at Home Depot)
  • 1″ x 1″ Pinewood (had to be cut to size – frame for the wall decor)
  • Wood Glue
  • Clamps
  • #80 & #120 Sand Paper
  • Paint & Paint Brushes (Any color you decide to choose. We mixed white with brown to create a cream tone for flower petals and blue for the board)
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Scroll Saw (to cut out the flower petals)
  • Palm Sander, Belt Sander or Orbital Sander (to sand the flower petal edges after using the scroll saw)
  • Nail Gun with 18 gauge 2″ nails (optional to put the frame together easier, however, you can use a hammer and nails)
  • Flower Petal Template
    • Important Note: There is a thin and thick side to the flower petals which are labeled on the template. The thick side is the inside of the flower petal and the thin side is the outside.



An 8 ft x 4 ft plywood project panel board was purchased and cut to size to what was needed for the wall decor. The remaining scraps were used to cut the flower petals. The panel board dimensions we cut were 59″ W x 29″ H. Side note: The project panel board thickness is a quarter-inch, however, if you are looking to make your petals thicker like the one from Pier 1, you will want to purchase a thicker board. The board thickness after we added the frame is 1″.

Project Panel and Pinewood
Plywood Project Panel and the pieces of pinewood for the frame


To cut the petals, we traced all of the flowers on the plywood project panel board and used the scroll saw. Click here to download a FREE template of the petals.

Scroll Saw and Petals traced
Traced petals on the plywood project panel board
Scroll Saw
Scroll saw used to cut the flower petals

There are two separate sizes for the flower petals. Again, depending on the size of the wall decor it will determine how many you need but we cut out #25 of the large petals (only using #20) and #32 of the small petals (only using #29). After they were cut, we sanded the edges to give it soft edges.


Next, we built a square for the frame with the 1″ x 1″ pinewood. The pinewood had to be cut to 1″ x 1″ with a saw. Once the frame was built to size, we glued the frame piece by piece to the plywood project panel board. Using the nail gun and 18 gauge 2″ nails, we nailed only the corners to be sure it was secure.

Frame for the mod flowers wall decor
The frame (pinewood pieces) glued onto the Plywood Project Panel Board

Once everything was glued, nailed and secured, we sanded only the edging of the frame (pinewood) to give it soft edges.


Next, we painted the board a light blue color leaving some of the wood showing through to give it a distressed look. Keep in mind once the paint dries it absorbs into the plywood project panel board. Start off with a light hand of paint and keep adding on to achieve the look you want.

Painting the wall decor background blue
Plywood Project Panel Board painted blue. You can see that our final board isn’t as blue as seen here because the wood does absorb it after about 24-48hrs.


While the board was drying, we painted the flower petals. We mixed white paint with brown paint until we got a cream tone we liked. We painted all the petals with one coat of paint because we wanted the wood to come through a bit. *Keep a tiny bit of extra paint. You will need it to paint the petals again because some will have to be cut after being glued*

Mod Flowers Wall Decor - Flower Petals Painted Cream Tone
Painting the flower petals


After everything was painted, we planned out the flower design deciding where each flower petal should go, etc. This took a little bit of time because we had a bigger board and needed to figure out where exactly the flowers will go as far as spacing. It was similar to the wall decor Pier 1 had with some exceptions (they have 4 flowers we have 5). You will notice in the image below, some petals were hanging off the board which was cut after they were glued on.

Mod Flowers Wall Decor - Flower Petals
Planning the flower layout on the board


Once we finalized the flower design, we glued the petals onto the board with the glue gun. We only used a few dabs of glue.

Mod Flowers Wall Decor - Gluing Flower Petals
Gluing the petals onto the board

Letting the petals dry a bit, we then took a scroll saw and cut the flowers that were hanging off the board. You will want to take the extra paint that was saved and paint the edges of the flower petals that were cut. Careful not to paint the flower petals on top – just the edges that were cut!

Mod Flowers Wall Decor - Flower Petals
cut edges of the petals and then painted
Mod Flowers Wall Decor - Flower Petals
close up of the cut edges of the petals and painted

The project is now complete!! The mod flowers wall decor was hung on the wall with two nails, using the frame for support. If you choose to add hardware to support the decor on the wall, feel free to add it to the back of the frame.

You can check out Pier 1’s Mod Flowers Wall Decor here! For wall decor that currently goes for $149 and we spent $11 is a win in my book. It was a fun project for my husband and me and it was fairly easy to build 🙂

Be sure to pin this DIY project for later! Comment below if you completed this project or did something similar – I’d love to hear from you!

Pier 1 Mod Flowers Wall Decor

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