Nipple Pain Relief from Breastfeeding – Sore Nipples

Are you suffering from sore or cracked nipples? There are many things that can cause pain such as engorgement pain, cracked nipples, breastfeeding, etc. This remedy will heal your sore or cracked nipples fast.

Are you scared about breastfeeding because you’ve heard it can be painful or are you currently breastfeeding and experiencing pain?

Know that you aren’t alone. I’ve been there too and many other mamas! Pain while breastfeeding, even with the perfect latch, is normal. You can even suffer from pain due to pumping or have cracked nipples. This remedy will heal you fast!

Here is my story on my experience with breastfeeding pain and how I healed myself with this home remedy that worked in under 48 hours.

I didn’t get much help with nursing my son from the hospital. I thought I knew what I was doing. Due to reading so much on labor and delivery, I forgot to read about breastfeeding but I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be THAT hard – but it was.

Within the first 24 hours my son was born, I completely ruined my nipples. They were so sore and cracked that I couldn’t help but dread what was to come.

The lactation consultant came into our room at the hospital and provided tips and tricks and although I learned things, I was still in pain.

The LC told me the nipple cream I had purchased wouldn’t work. I even asked if I could alternate pumping and nursing to give my nipples some time to heal, and she said no. Pumping will confuse my body to think I have twins, and the baby will be confused with the bottle nipple.

The day we went home I thought to myself, how am I going to feed my son? All I wanted to do was breastfeed and I know there isn’t anything wrong with giving my son formula, but I truly wanted to breastfeed.

I went home so depressed, dreading to feed him, cried every time he latched on, and frustrated at the times he wouldn’t latch – it was a mess. Can you relate?

The day we got home from the hospital, I couldn’t take the pain anymore and pumped. Finally, I didn’t feel defeated. My son still got my milk in a bottle, and I was able to nurse him but I was still in pain.

I honestly tried a lot of remedies! I researched, asked friends, colleagues, did everything I could and even though some things helped to relieve me for a little while, it wasn’t fully healing me.

It was just a few hours of relief and I needed something to truly cure me. It wasn’t until I came across the Mama Natural site where I found the best remedy ever. If you don’t follow her on her blog you have to. She is amazing! Mama Natural gives the best advice and I highly recommend you check her out.

I came across one of her blog posts about DIY Sore Nipples Remedy and figured why not, I tried a few other things, what is another remedy, right?

Well, honestly this worked within 2 days of trying it. Some things may work on some people and others may not, but I truly do believe this works and I’m sharing it with you today!

Sore Nipples Remedy Relief

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Here is what I used to help my sore nipples heal:


(Mama Natural’s directions are slightly different than mine. I just found the way I applied the probiotic/coconut oil was so much easier so I prefer my method. It was less messy!)

Step 1. Mix 1 cup of filtered water with 1-2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar in a squeeze or spray bottle. I had a small spray bottle lying around that I used.

Step 2. After each feeding, squirt a cotton ball or washcloth with your vinegar solution and apply it to nipples and areola. This will kill any harmful bacteria or yeast as well as clean your nipple area. Bacteria on your nipples especially cracked nipples, can cause mastitis or thrush in baby. We want to be sure we clean after each feeding!

Step 3. I took an empty container I had and made a paste with the coconut oil and probiotic powder. It was much easier to apply. I mixed 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with 2 teaspoons of probiotic powder. I left the paste in my fridge.

>>> Keep in mind the paste will harden if in the fridge, so if you do decide to leave in the fridge, be sure to take it out at least 5-10 mins before applying it so it gets a little soft. I would also just take my finger and rub the paste. The warmness from my finger and rubbing would help soften the coconut oil and I would apply that way. I actually had a few pieces break off so I would take the hard piece of paste and rub it on my nipples/areola and it immediately and easily rubbed on perfectly!<<<

Step 4. After nursing, apply a small amount of the paste to your nipples and areola. Just enough to cover it all.

Step 5. If you can sit or lay without a shirt on and leave your breasts exposed, I highly recommend this. If not, either use a small piece of the paper towel just enough to cover your nipples/areola or use nipple pads. You don’t want coconut oil all over your bras and/or shirts, it may stain.

I did this every single day for a few weeks. It honestly worked within 2 days helping to reduce the pain tremendously, however, I was continuing it for a preventative practice.

The Best Sore Nipple Remedy Relief

Another huge tip I recommend…

I took advantage at night, while my son slept longer stretches, and laid in bed, without a shirt on, and left the paste on the entire time.

It definitely helps if you can keep it on for long periods of time. That is why I highly recommend if you can sit/lay somewhere without a shirt on, do it! I applied the remedy after EVERY feeding. It worked wonders!

Side tip: Don’t forget to massage your breasts daily in the shower with warm water – it helps relieve engorgement pain and to avoid mastitis! At least 1 minute on each breast and if you can, squirt a little bit of milk out. It may seem like your wasting the liquid gold but trust me, it helps!

I cannot wait for you to try this sore nipples remedy and truly hope it works for you as it did for me. I used it again recently because my nipples were extremely sore/painful while nursing my almost 17-month-old while pregnant with baby #2!

Be sure to comment below if you have used this remedy or read this post and are trying it. I’d love to hear if it worked for you or what other remedies you may have used.

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Breastfeeding Journey
Nursing my son when he was one month old. I used the PicsArt app to create this beautiful image I will forever treasure <3