DIY Ring Toss Circus/Carnival Party Game

Looking for easy, budget-friendly carnival games for your circus/carnival themed party? I got you covered. Be sure to check out my other blog posts with the games I had at my son’s birthday party.

One game I decided to do myself was the ring toss game. It was easy, budget-friendly and I knew it would be a hit with the kids. Did I mention it’s EASY and BUDGET-FRIENDLY? Follow along and I’ll tell you how I got it done.

We had beer bottles laying around the house. Typically you’d want to take the label off of them but I just spray painted over and turned the bottles around – no big deal! I had A LOT of projects to do and the last thing I needed was to peel off labels lol.

empty beer bottles to be spray painted for the ring toss game
Empty Beer Bottles to Spray Paint for Ring Toss Game

Supplies Needed:

  • 9 (or more) Empty Beer Bottles
  • Variety of Colored Spray Paint Cans
  • Basket (ideally you want to be sure all the bottles fit somewhat tightly in the basket and the height of the basket to be at least half the height of the beer bottle or a little less)
  • Rings to Toss (I used bracelet glow sticks since it was already in the kid’s party favor boxes. I had extra!)

Step 1. Take a piece of cardboard, or something sturdy enough so the bottles can stand upright while you spray paint. Be sure to keep space between the bottles when spraying. I used a piece of cardboard on the grass, placed the bottles upright on the cardboard, and sprayed each one.

Spray Cans used to spray the empty beer bottles for the ring toss game
Spray Cans – Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and Orange

Step 2. Spray paint the bottles with the colors of your party theme. We used yellow, green, red, blue and orange. I had to spray them a few times however spray them once, let it dry, then spray again. If spraying all at once over and over it can cause the spray paint to drip.

Beer Bottle Sprayed Red - Standing Upright on Cardboard to Dry Properly
Beer Bottle Sprayed Red – Standing Upright on Cardboard to Dry Properly

Step 3. Once the bottles are dry, place them in the basket and your game is ready to be played. It’s that simple!

Don’t forget the rings to toss! That’s it! It really is that simple and budget-friendly. This game cost me under $8 because I already had some of the supplies sitting around. I only had to get the glow sticks since it was a part of the party favors (they were $1 for #12) and then had to get a few spray paint cans.

*The sign taped to the game was to let the guests know the name of the game, the directions on “how to play” and how many tickets they would win. I quickly made the sign in photoshop but you can use Paint, MS Word, any type of program that allows you to type.

  • Name of Game: Ring Toss
  • Instructions: Toss 3 rings around any bottle and win 1 ticket
  • Tickets Won: 1

I hope this encourages you to create your own ring toss game, even if it isn’t for a circus/carnival theme party. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself because you will be surprised by how well your project turns out. Just stay focused and be patient.

If you haven’t seen my original blog post about my son’s first birthday party, check it out here. You can find the details of his party and other fun projects/carnival games!

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