Hello Front Door Wreath DIY

DIY Front Door Hello Wreath

I had a hard time choosing a wreath that I liked for my front door. I knew I wanted something modern yet simple and welcoming. Searching high and low in home accent stores and online for DIY crafts, I finally decided on an idea!

At my local craft store, I found the cardboard cursive lettering that read ‘hello’ which is exactly what I had envisioned. All I needed was a basic wreath to attach the lettering to and my wreath would be complete.

I didn’t expect to find the wreath at a clothing store (that also sells home good decor), however, I found the wreath at Marshalls (sister company to TJ Maxx and Home Goods) when I wasn’t even trying to look for one! That is usually the best 🙂

This simple yet easy DIY front door wreath is very affordable and can be done within an hour or so.

Here is how I put together my wreath!


  • Wreath (size depends on how big/small you prefer)
  • String (somewhat sturdy – not too fragile)
  • Glue Gun and Sticks
  • Hello Cardboard Lettering (or any other wording you prefer)
  • Paint & Brush (basic acrylic paint)

Step by Step Instructions

I started off by painting the hello cardboard lettering a slate blue color with the acrylic paint I had in my supplies. I gave that 2 coats until I felt satisfied with the color. Be gentle with the cardboard lettering because it can dent easily, it is fragile.

hello cardboarding letter for DIY front door wreath

Once the lettering had dried, I placed it on the wreath to figure out exactly where it should be positioned. Be sure the lettering is centered on the wreath where it can hold the weight of the hello cardboard lettering evenly. It can be ‘top’ heavy.

Take the glue gun and place a strip of glue behind the cardboard lettering and place the string on quickly before it dries. I also cut out a white square from scrap paper and placed it on top of the string to give it an extra “hold”.

DIY HELLO Front Door Wreath

After the string has been attached to the cardboard lettering, weave it through the wreath branches and tie a few knots. Again, be sure that the lettering will hang evenly and the weight is distributed because the weight of the cardboard lettering could cause it to lean more one way than the other.

DIY Front Door Hello Wreath

That is it! You have an easy, affordable front door wreath to welcome your guests! You can go a step further and decorate your own wreath with different types of leaves however I bought a pre-made wreath to keep things simple 🙂

DIY Hello Front Door Wreath

Be sure to share your wreath ideas below in the comments section. I’d love to see what ideas you came up with! Don’t forget to pin!

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