How to make your own Postpartum Care Recovery Kit

Postpartum Care Recovery Kit

After delivery, your body will go through a recovery period and you may experience cramps, vaginal bleeding, perineal discomfort, soreness, and other physical symptoms. Be prepared with these products in your postpartum care recovery kit so you can relieve discomfort and heal quickly!

As I start to prepare for my second baby arriving soon (May 2020), I’ve slowly started to organize everything, including my postpartum care recovery kit.

I wasn’t prepared with my first child as I had no idea what to expect but will be fully prepared for my second because putting together a kit is easy and will make everything so much easier.

I had torn 4th degree with my first child and you can imagine how not being prepared made things difficult. Whether you tear or not, you will experience some type of physical symptom and having a postpartum care recovery kit is essential to prepare during your third trimester.

Have you started preparing your postpartum recovery kit? Make sure you check this off your third trimester to-do list.

Here is the list of must-have postpartum care essentials…

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I love using baskets or bins to stay organized. Keeping everything in one spot is easy for you to grab all the items you need. I made sure the basket I purchased went with my bathroom decor and could use it for other purposes after I didn’t need it anymore for my postpartum care recovery essentials.

When choosing your basket or bin, be sure you think about the shape and size. You want something that is going to be easy for you to access and bring either into or already have in the bathroom and will be using for at least 4-6 weeks.

Here is the basket I chose from Target. I have 2 of them under my sink that I now use for my son’s bathroom essentials.


This item is a MUST have because after having baby, wiping for a few days or weeks won’t be an option. The hospital provided a peri bottle that I was able to take home but if you prefer to purchase a peri bottle, that is higher-end, either will work.

The peri bottle should be filled with warm water to gently rinse your bottom area. You can use gauze to dab and dry the wetness from the water.

As mentioned above, the peri bottle will be provided by your hospital (more than likely). If they don’t give you a peri bottle, or if you need more than 1, be sure to ask them for another bottle or feel free to purchase a pack on Amazon. You can find some here.

If you prefer a higher-end looking bottle, there are great reviews from moms on the MomWasher Upside Down Peri Bottle. The bottle is made to be held upside down with a narrow/angled neck to make it easier to clean.

Because the MomWasher Peri Bottle has multiple little holes instead of one large squirter, like the hospital provided peri bottle, it is more gentle overall. It can hold 10oz of water and comes with a waterproof storage bag for on-the-go.

At the end of the day, you’ll just be happy to have ANY type of cleansing bottle after giving birth!

*Tip: add 1-2 drops of witch hazel to the water for extra soothing relief.


The hospital will provide gauze for you to dab your bottom area. Depending on the situation, you may be able to lightly wipe however in my case, since I had stitches, I only used the gauze to dab after cleansing with the peri bottle.

Be sure to stock up on gauze to bring home from the hospital or you can be prepared beforehand with this pack. It is the non-woven gauze that will absorb better.


You may be given pain medication and a stool softener at the hospital. Typically the pain medication is either Tylenol or Ibuprofen to help with any pain or soreness. Be sure to have either of these in your kit.

The stool softener will help you during your postpartum recovery but you may not even need it.

With tearing, I needed all the stool softener I could get but I know other moms who only needed to take it while at the hospital.

I had taken Senokot in the hospital and at home for my first pregnancy, however for my current pregnancy, I recently purchased Organic Smooth Move Senna Laxative Tea.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and have a stool softener handy just in case.

Have you heard of the many benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea? Not only does it help aid in a shorter labor, but after delivery, it helps your uterus to contract back to normal, decrease bleeding and increase milk production (if you plan on breastfeeding).

It also helps to regulate hormones, which can fluctuate during the postpartum period and could decrease the risk or severity of postpartum depression.

For my first pregnancy, I drank red raspberry leaf tea during my third trimester and after birth. I am currently drinking it for my second pregnancy.

I highly recommend adding it to your third trimester checklist and postpartum care recovery kit.

Have you heard about drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea during pregnancy to help with labor? Read Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Don’t forget to continue taking your prenatal vitamins. Not only are they essential during pregnancy but after birth as well.

This will ensure you have all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to produce milk (if breastfeeding) and recover from giving birth.

Postpartum Care Recovery Kit


ALL sizes are necessary! At the hospital, they will provide you with enormous pads which are the best things that have ever existed.

I purchased normal pads at Target but they did not compare to what the hospital provided and I ended up using more of the hospital pads. They are very thick, long and absorb well.

I used the thickest pads from the hospital for the first 3-4 weeks because I bled heavily and for a longer period of time. After the 4th week I was able to switch to less absorbent pads which you can grab at your local store and then went to thinner pads as the blood flow got less and less.

I bled for 6 weeks however not all women are the same and can bleed for less. Be prepared with a few different size pads.


Be prepared with underwear that you may end up needing to throw out. I purchased underwear from Target but ended up using the hospital’s disposable mesh underwear instead.

Disposable mesh underwear is much easier to use, as they are sort of like wearing shorts and fit comfortably. It also holds the thick, long pads better and ice packs or anything else you may add.

I didn’t feel bad about having to throw them out and was able to use the same pair 2-3 times before changing it out. Keep extra pairs in your postpartum care recovery kit in case you happen to bleed through your pad or have a mishap of some sort.

This is the essential item you need in order to use a pad and all the other items in your kit! If you want to order a few beforehand, you can find them here.


You are provided with large ice packs at the hospital that feel amazingly soothing however they easily get warm fast and you find yourself constantly wanting to replace the ice packs for relief. As the ice pack does help temporarily, the witch hazel pads work for a longer relief.

Witch hazel pads are wet, cool pads that will soothe and heal your bottom area. Whether your experiencing swelling, pain or itching, it provides relief for a longer period of time. Be sure to place the witch hazel pads on top of your pad.

My hospital didn’t provide these to me, only the ice packs. Feel free to ask your hospital if they do however if not, you can find them here.

new mom snuggles with newborn postpartum care recovery kit

Even though there is a less-than-delightful side to giving birth the first few weeks, these products will help you recover easier and get you back on your feet quicker.

The good news to all of this? You get to snuggle that tiny baby of yours and cherish every moment with your newest family member 🥰.

Have you started preparing your postpartum care recovery kit yet?

We’d love to hear what you have in your kit or for moms to share what they have used for their recovery that may help other mamas! Comment below!

Postpartum Care Recovery Kit

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