I Got The Epidural Again & it FAILED… Birth Story

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After two births, I still read birth stories as I come across them. I find it intriguing to read how different each pregnancy and labor/delivery can be. Are you currently expecting? Whether it’s your first, second or third, it’s always interesting to hear other birth stories because they are never the same. Even in your own pregnancies, all vary… including mine!

While pregnant with baby number two, I thought I would have him the week of my due date. I made it to 40 weeks and 2 days (Due May 27th had a doctor’s appointment on May 29th), 3.5-cm dilated and 80% effaced with one membrane sweep and baby boy was too comfy like his big brother had been two years prior!

During this pregnancy, we were in prime time of the pandemic and I hadn’t known weeks prior if my husband would be in the delivery room with me or not. Thankfully they allowed one person with you but it was definitely a stressful time.

I was adamant this time around that I did not want to get induced unless it was an absolute must and/or I had been past my due date by 12 days. My doctor agreed to 42 weeks and that made me happy because I just knew I’d have the baby prior to that.

My doctor had scheduled my induction date for June 4th only because of the pandemic, he wanted to keep a spot for me (even though I wouldn’t of gone in lol ;))

My due date was May 27th and I ended up going into labor and having my son on May 31st – 4 days passed my due date!

The day before delivery, on May 29th into the 30th, my belly felt really heavy and it was harder to get up to use the bathroom. I slept on the couch from 6 am – 8 am. My back hurt and baby felt super heavy.

Slight cramping and morning of May 30th I noticed an increase in discharge. I continued to get my labor ginger cookies in the evening, we went for a 2-mile walk around 7:30 pm, and then I took a relaxing bath.

I felt so relaxed after my long, lavender bath. I wasn’t aching, I drank my red raspberry leaf tea, and ate more “labor” ginger cookies. When I had used the bathroom late evening, I noticed a tinge of pinkish discharge and assumed labor would happen soon.

This time around I did not test positive for Group B Streptococcus (GBS) like I had been for my first and was relieved.

Have you tested positive for GBS? It’s nothing to be concerned about at all, mama! Don’t be worried – you’ll just need a few rounds of antibiotics at the hospital.

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Water Broke/Delivery Day

On the morning of May 31st, I had woken up at 7:30 am to use the bathroom (per usual lol) and crawled back into bed to lay with my firstborn in my pregnancy pillow. He loved to cuddle with me in the pillow!

I had laid on my right side and 10 minutes later at 7:40 am I felt I had to use the bathroom again so I got up and felt a small gush.

I assumed I may have peed my pants but also questioned if my water broke. They tell you that the scent of the liquid from when your water breaks sort of smells sweet and non-urine-like. Honestly, I couldn’t really tell!!

I came back into the bedroom to tell my husband that I thought it may be my water breaking and that we should get up and start our day/eat breakfast just in case. If I happen to get contractions then I’ll know.

Sure enough at about 8:15 am, nearly 35 minutes later I started to feel cramps and it intensified QUICKLY! I had called my mom just after I had gotten up for the day to let her know – just in case it was truly delivery day since she would be watching our son.

I had to use the bathroom again and noticed a tinge of pinkish blood and just knew it was labor day! I tried to get a few things done around the house like taking off my bedsheets to wash and my sons – what was I thinking??! I barely even made it that far the contractions were super strong.

I thought of taking a bath, or a shower, or getting ready at least and I barely could move let alone do anything! I had my husband call my parents to come to get our son as soon as possible (they lived 1 minute down the road) as I tried my best to get dressed.

As we were waiting for them, I had laid in bed and tried to eat a piece of toast and drink water knowing it may be long before I eat again.

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Arriving At The Hospital

We had arrived at the hospital a little before 10 am, assuming it would be a long day before meeting our second baby boy.

The nurse checked me to see how many centimeters dilated I was and I had reached 8cm dilated and 90% effaced by 10:10 am.

By 10:30 am I was 9.5cm dilated. The doctor on call wanted me to start pushing but then realized I wasn’t fully effaced (cervix needed a bit more thinning) and had me wait for a little bit longer.

If I had been I would have had my son within 2.5 hours of my water breaking!

My contractions were extremely intense. They had me laying on my back (slightly arched) the entire time which made it so much worse. I wish I had spoken up but I barely could speak let alone think.

I wish I had my husband tell me to GET UP or one of the nurses – but no one did. I begged for an epidural knowing that wasn’t the route I wanted to go.

The nurses called for an epidural at 11:15 am and the anesthesiologist came in at 11:55 am. It was the longest 30+ minutes of my life. I kept asking WHERE IS HE??? ( I knew it was a male because they said he had to do a few others before me).

While waiting, I kept feeling my body pushing the baby on its own. It was an amazing feeling and experience. I did let the nurse know it was happening and she told me to let it happen!

It’s amazing what our bodies can do when birthing our babies!!

The Epidural

Welp….. I ended up getting the epidural and I’m pretty sure I had already been 10cm at that point and they should’ve checked me before getting the epidural because I was completely ready to push and didn’t need it.

I’m actually surprised they even gave it to me because I’ve heard many stories where they say they don’t bother after 9.5-10 cm since it doesn’t work.

The epidural didn’t end up working for me… AT ALL. Not even after giving birth, nothing. I was so disappointed in myself and kept beating myself up over it even days after giving birth.

I still think about it now while expecting baby number three. But you can dwell on things like that and I am so thankful I and baby boy are healthy and he had arrived safely.

It’s Time To Push

Finally, at 12:10 in the afternoon I started to push and three pushes later our baby boy arrived at 12:16 pm!!

What a rush that was! I had told the nurse that the epidural wasn’t working so she had called the anesthesiologist to check on me but by the time he came in the doctor wanted me to push because baby boy was coming on his own.

My placenta was delivered about 10 minutes later and it was a little bit painful but I was so distracted with my son in my arms I barely paid attention.

It was a different experience than my first, especially with how fast everything happened. As I was pushing, there is a light above you and for some reason, I looked up and could see what was happening.

I kept finding myself looking up and it motivated me so much to push hard. I felt the ring of fire which is when the baby’s head is about to come out and it was an intense yet satisfying feeling.

I thankfully did not need any stitches like my last delivery although I THINK I may have gotten one? I honestly do not remember, I thought I had heard the doctor say she may be doing one to help stop the bleeding but it wasn’t entirely necessary.

He Is Born!

I cannot believe our baby boy was born 4.5 hours after my water broke. It was an intense ride and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

During my first delivery, because I had torn 4th degree, they showed me my son then took him to the heat lamp to get him cleaned up, had my husband cut the umbilical cord then brought him back to me to do skin to skin.

For my second, it was a different experience – an even better one. He didn’t cry right away so the doctor was rubbing on him to cry and as soon as he did they laid him on me immediately.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that my husband cut the umbilical cord. They never once took my son away from me until over an hour later to weigh him and measure.

They also had his foot-stamping done while he was on my chest whereas my other son, they had done it all under the heat lamp.

I wouldn’t change a thing about either of my birthing experiences but just goes to show you how different they can be!

I was also able to nurse my secondborn about an hour after giving birth and he latched on perfectly! I felt great, healed wonderfully, and couldn’t have asked for a better pregnancy and delivery.

my two sweet boys!

Our secondborn was born on May 31, 2020, at 12:16 pm weighing 7lbs 3oz and 20″. He was so calm, wanted milk every 2 hours, and looked just like his mama!

Unfortunately, no one could visit us in the hospital due to the pandemic, and we had to be without our firstborn for the first time in 2 years for 2 days but we were lucky for facetime!

Positive Vibes, Positive Mind, Positive Energy

I hope if you are reading this, it puts you at ease for your birth. I promise it’s an amazing experience. If you stay calm, stay positive and be patient, all will be amazing! Your body knows what to do and how to birth a baby and it’s an indescribable feeling and experience.

Whether you choose to birth naturally, have an epidural, or c-section, mama you are amazing! Don’t let anyone change your mindset or steer you in a different direction. You know what is best for you and your baby and no one can tell you otherwise!

One more thing… would I ever do it again? In a heartbeat… I’m expecting baby boy number three and I can’t wait to share his birth story with you when the time comes. I’m due in April of 2022!

Comment below if you have any questions or share your birth story with us!

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