DIY Tin Can Toss Carnival/Circus Game

Are you looking to DIY a Tin Can Toss Game on a budget? Glad you found this page!

For my son’s first birthday Circus/Carnival theme party, I wanted to be sure we had simple, yet fun games for the kids to play. I had to narrow it down to a few games (we had 5 games total) that I thought were easy to DIY and budget-friendly.

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Clown Bean Bag Toss Carnival/Circus Game

Are you looking to create your own bean bag toss game?

So glad you found your way here. I was looking to do the same for my son’s first birthday party that was a circus/carnival theme.

I was very hesitant about creating my own due to the fact that I am an awful drawer but I was determined to NOT spend money on something I did not have to.

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